For a little over a quarter of a century, since my birth, I have been surrounded by people. For me childhood is my mother's warm hands, my father's decisive look, laughter and tears of my brothers and sisters. Youth is carefree, cheerful girlfriends, wise teachers... Today, living and working in such a megapolis as Moscow, I daily face dozens of people with different world view, opinions, interests. Every person is unique in its own way. Their feelings, thoughts, and emotions change every minute. Sometimes we can't understand each other but in our effort to understand we try to find congenial people. Desire to learn each other doesn't leave us indifferent and stimulates our creativity. 


     Many of my works are devoted to emotions and feelings. Through paints I try to catch a person's condition at a certain point. 

     I hope you will enjoy visiting this site! 


                                                                                      Polina Poptsova